If you are a Diamond Platnumz fanatic, it’s pretty obvious that you’d be obsessed with his videos. You know, the fantastic, well-shot ones. Every time he drops a video, we are almost assured of something epic. We can’t deny that the boy from Tandale never disappoints.

Thanks to the epic videos and great music, Dee maintains his status as the King of Bongo.

So if you are a true fan, here’s some homework. Next time you see a Diamond video, watch out for the following:

1. His signature hairstyle.

Diamond has managed a side shave since he started shooting his early videos like Mbagala and Nitarejea. He hardly switches his hairstyles and when he does, he still manages to go back to his classic cut.

A couple of times, he has switched to a mohawk and a braided hairstyle. The latter, though, got his fans talking with many calling him a homosexual.

2. Beating his chest.

Dee could have been through a lot many heartbreaks and maybe that’s why he’s always placing his hand towards his heart.

Dude is so used to holding his chest, we think it could be that he’s holding on to a shattered heart. Be sure to notice that remorseful look on his face when he beats his chest and preaches about love. 


3. Flashy toys.

Mapenzi ni safari.

And maybe that’s why Diamond features so many means of transport in his videos. If you check any of his videos out, you’ll never miss out on a car, ship, an aeroplane or even a motorbike. Dee has a multi-million dollar car collection. This could be another reason why his videos are always coloured with flashy vehicles.

4. His wristwatch and bracelet.

Dee never leaves out his wristwatch and bracelet when he’s shooting his videos. A watch is one incentive that Dee would never walk without. He’s got a unique taste for them. Just look at his left hand and tell me if you’ll miss out on it.


It is rumoured that Platnumz celebrated his son’s birth with a watch worth millions.

What about his taste for chains? Wacha tu. Dee confessed to having lost his white gold and diamond chains during the first Wasafi festival held in Mtwara Region last year. They were worth Ksh 1.8 Million!


5. A common colour theme.

What’s this black and white colour scheme craze that Dee has? Why is he so obsessed about white and black? If you look closely through his videos, you will never miss out on his white attire, white and black suit or his favourite white sneakers.

6. Hot mamas.

Diamond probably has a large network of flawless women. Because the mamas who feature in his songs are to die for. He has also featured his baby mamas in his videos and they too are good sauce.

That’s your homework. Go out and check for these five signature things in Diamond’s videos.