Smiling couple sitting in diner booth

A trip to the movies and the mall are so cliché and so overdone these days. There so many other things you can do on a first date. Stepping out of the norm shows your uniqueness as well as creativity. Nobody wants to get stuck with a plain Jane type of person.

Although you want to wow your date, you do not have to spend bucket-fulls of cash to impress them. Below are some unique inexpensive ways to spend a first dateblack couple outdoors

Visit an Animal Park:
Animals are interesting. A nature park; like the Animal Orphanage or Ostrich Farm, are cool places to visit. They are also not so expensive. You may also get free entertainment (from local dancers) or get a free guide to take you round. You can also use time to chat each other up. It has been claimed that you can tell so much about a person by the way they treat animal…so remember to pay attention to your date.

Take a walk:
Although many may see this as lame, it is actually awesome. The two of you will get to talk and know each other better. You may bump into people you both know, if it is in your neighbourhood. This will also show you how your partner relates to other people. If you have not as yet met his/her friends, this would be the perfect opportunity to do as well. If you do not wish to meet anyone familiar, the nature trail at the museum is a good place.

Play some sports:
You could play a round of pool, a game of basketball or even out for a swim. Scientists say that the adrenaline one experiences in these sports are often confused for the person one is with. They will relate this rush to their date. If you do not wish to get all sweaty, swimming or going to Lunar Park/Rock City is also cool. The rides available there would also create the adrenaline rush effect superbly.couple walking 290 x 174

Go to your Local Restaurant:
No need to go to an overly expensive place that both of you will struggle to pay for. Go to the local neighbourhood restaurant. These are normally fairly not crowded as most people just order takeout. This quiet scene will allow for you to engage better and discover your partner. There is nothing like face to face time.

Visit Ultimate Gaming Places:
These are pretty fun, if you have the money. Places like Panari for ice skating; there is also bungee jumping in Nakuru, paintballing in Langata, Go Cart riding as well. They are more fun and cheaper in groups. You could rally some of your friends. Put the cash in a common money bag and you all go together. This show your social outgoing nature.

Visit Historical Places
History may be unbelievable boring, but getting to see it first hand is so cool. Visiting the National Museums, Fort Jesus in Mombasa, ruins in Nakuru are so cool. Plus it will be learning with your boo. These places also enable you to judge the intelligence level of your date.

Remember, you wanna have fun and you want your date to be pleases as well. Do not make it cliché. Make them remember this date for a long time to come.

By Zahra