PornSometimes it seems like celebrities are here only to make us feel bad about ourselves. Some species even have killer abs in their fifties and sixties… But that doesn’t mean you should be sad about it! You may feel enraged at first, but think about this: if they can do it, you can do it, too! All these celebrities have invested enormous amounts of time to exercise and eat healthy in order to show those bodies without fear. So if they did it, why wouldn’t you? Really, you just need to start exercising. In order to help you make that decision, we made a list of celebrities with abs you would kill for! (the list is not arranged in any particular order)

1. Jada Pinkett


Jada Pinkett Smith, a mother of two and Will Smith’s wife, can be proud of her abs. Actually, she can be proud of her entire body. We remember Jada from the 90s, when she was this new and cute actress, showing us all how ambitious she is. It is clear her sexiness has not gone away during all these years. On the contrary, Jada looks sexier than ever! We can just imagine how many hours she spends working on those abs…

2. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Visits BBC Radio One

Ariana Grande has set the bar high at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Not only she made the show even more exciting with her appearance, but we all concluded she could be a real model with that body! Okay, so she’s a bit shorter. And she nearly got killed on stage by a much taller Victoria’s Secret Angel. But you must admit one thing- Ariana Grande has perfect abs! A grande applause for that!

3. Jennifer Lopez


Was there a period in history when Jennifer Lopez didn’t gave killer abs? When she was a baby, perhaps? We’re not so sure about that, but we are sure that J Lo is never going to let her body become less desirable than it is. She is of course famous for dancing (some people think she dances the whole day and than the whole night afterwards), but she is also taking a good care of what she eats.

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim-Kardashian-bikini-03This is probably one of the older photos of Kim Kardashian in bikini. Kim Kardashian in bikini is our favorite Kim Kardashian. Even though there were many rumors about Kim photo shopping her photos on Instagram, we have to say that this girl exercises a lot. The results are obvious. You might have never considered her abs because she always highlights… other parts of her body. But here is a proof Kim is killing the abs game as well!

5. Kate Hudson

Exclusive... Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Enjoy A Beach Vacation - NO WEB USE

Kate Hudson has always had that perfect balance between a cute girl next door and a beautiful, sexy woman. Popular actress looks fantastic and she is not afraid to show it. And why should she? Kate has great body and killer abs. She is also very open about the way she improves her looks. Kate is a big fan of Pilates. She also combines it sometimes with some yoga and cardio. So if you want to look good as Kate, take those Pilates classes!


7. Shakira


Shakira has the perfect abs. Eves since she became a real pop sensation, Shakira is making us look at that fantastic body. Shame on her. But seriously, Shakira has always been known for her passion for dancing. Everyone who has ever saw a concert of hers, or just listened to her music knows it is hard not to move while listening to her song. Hips don’t lie, and if we might say, those abs ain’t lying either.


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