Bad Kisser Alien MovieCan kissing be defined as an art? Well, it does require the application of creative skill, and lots of imagination. Okay, maybe not too much imagination, just enough of it. Having said that, might you be having doubts about how you kiss? In preparation of the World Kissing Day, (I know, I know. It’s in July, but that’s how important this is!), it might be good to check out these 6 indications that you might be a bad kisser…

1. Using too much tongue

I know, went straight for the ‘elephant in the room’ yeah? I mean, come on man. The last impression you’d want to leave is that of the ‘Overly sloppy kisser’. Tongue used in moderation is pleasant, but it is essential that you do not abuse your privilege.

Bad Kisser Too Much Tongue2. Being too, well…aggressive

*Closes in on lips while looking at self in the mirror, and cues in Guy Sebastian*, “These battle scars, don’t look like they’re fading, don’t look like they’re ever going away!”

Bad Kisser Hood NiggaOkay, that was slightly exaggerated. But don’t be the inflictor of such an experience on someone who just wants to have a good time with you.

  1. Not emphasizing enough importance on your breath

It’s not pleasant guys, it just isn’t. It’s a hassle during normal day to day conversations, let alone kissing. It can solely turn a moment from one to be cherished to one to be tolerated, real quick.

  1. Paying attention to all the right places…except the mouth

It’s understandable; you may want to give off the impression that you pay attention to detail. But in missing the most important detail you miss the whole purpose, don’t you think so? Don’t spend too much time on the cheeks, or the nape of her neck. (His too, hey it happens!) Pay considerable attention to the lips and you have catered to the most important detail.

  1. Poor use of lips

Bad KisserDon’t close your eyes, lean forward and pucker your lips. You run the risk of opening your eyes to find no one standing in front of you but surrounded by several judgmental pairs of eyes and to the sound of camera clicks. Next thing you know, your image is circulated all over the internet and the ridicule becomes too much and as a result you have to take days off school to recover…who would I possibly know to have been the victim of that, you may ask? Well, not me when I was fresh out of high school, that’s for sure! *gulps*

But don’t pucker, you’re not allowed to.

You may want to go easy on the ‘suction’ too. No pair of lips should ever have to go through that either.

And finally,

  1. Don’t just stand there when being kissed

Kissing someone without uncertainty of the outcome takes a lot of courage. If the kiss is clearly consensual, take part in it! Not doing so is subjecting your partner to mental torture and confusion that may not play out well in future scenarios. But most importantly, enjoy the kiss.

Avoid these six and, with practice, you’re well on your way to being a great kisser!

What are your views? Have you ever had bad experiences? Please share them in the comment section below.

Story by Doug L Fresh