Sylvia Wambui Karanja was the former Miss Africa Perth 2013 and is the current Miss Tourism Nairobi. She gives us 7 fashion tips that you ought to follow. These are some of the tips that she picked up in her modeling journey that has got her this far. She is a gem in fashion.  She is unique to her fashion and still manages to keep it 100.

  1. Dress according to your body type

1237128_4844604652300_1792044733_nYou can change your clothing to have a positive effect on your body.

2. Co-ordinate the colors according to your skin complexion

10516603_10201486899613700_2182847599813341025_nYou can and should use these types of colors for every outfit you wear, if it’s a casual outfit, a work outfit, or, of course, a formal outfit. There are some combinations that go for more formal outfits, while some combinations go with casual or sport outfits. Usually darker colors are seen as formal, while bright color combinations are seen as sporty and fun.

3. Don’t always follow the latest fashion trends, stick to what brings out the best of you but incorporate what compliments your style.

 4. Avoid chunky jewelry with evening gowns.


 When you are evaluating matching jewelry, it’s really a golden rule to limit yourself to only one large piece, with smaller other accessories. It’s not necessary to wear each one of the jewelry you possess. You undoubtedly dont need to flash your jewelry in that way. Look at the cut in the gown to take into account what jewelry to use. Should you have an excellent looking, open neckline, why not let a necklace be focused on? If you want to wear a sleeveless evening dress, a delicate bracelet has to be sensible choice. If one makes yourself a classy chignon, a properly-chosen crystal hairpin may go well from it.

5. Avoid panty lines

Every woman who’s ever worn a moderately tight skirt, dress, or even pants knows this for sure: Panty lines are one of the most annoying phenomena in all of dressing. Invest in seamless panties
 6. Iron your clothes ladies!

Today, wearing clothes without wrinkles is considered a sign of respect, both to yourself and to others. Wearing wrinkled clothes is a sign that you do not respect yourself enough to consider your appearance, which in turn, may mean you have bad hygienic practices.
7. Keep it simple



By Louisa Nungari

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