Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has moved away from its sleazy reputation and become a popular method of exercising. Some dancers are highly skilled; watch Jenyne Butterfly’s videos and you’ll be amazed at her skills. But even if you can’t equal her abilities, it’s worth taking a pole dancing class for the fitness aspect. It’s certainly an energetic workout! So here are some of the benefits of signing up for a pole dancing class …

1. Weight Loss

Do you need to lose some pounds? If you’re looking for an energetic exercise class where you can burn off some calories, pole dancing could be one for you. You can lose around 250 calories in a single pole dancing class. Do this regularly and you could drop quite a few pounds over the course of several months.

2. All Ages

Pole dancing might conjure up an image of lithe 20-somethings cavorting round a pole, but women (and men) of any ages can take up the sport. You really are never too old, so don’t worry if you’re not in your 20s. The more active you are, the longer you will stay fit and healthy.

3. Toning

If you think lifting weights is hard work, you might be shocked at how much effort pole dancing requires! It will give your body a thorough workout, and you’ll use pretty much every muscle in your body. You’ll also find that your body tones up nicely. Besides, it’s a lot more fun than going to the gym and lifting weights!

4. Flexibility

Even if you don’t graduate to doing advanced moves, a pole dancing class will be brilliant for improving your flexibility. If we don’t move our bodies enough they will start to seize up as we get older.

5. Variety

If exercise classes get a bit dull, and you just can’t motivate yourself to go to the gym, pole dancing may be just what you’re looking for. There are so many different moves to learn that you’ll never get bored. What’s more, pole dancing classes are fun, sociable and non-competitive. Some people love it so much that a weekly class isn’t enough!

6. Posture

We often neglect our posture, especially if we lead largely sedentary lives. Look at yourself sideways on in a mirror, and you will probably see that you tend to slump forwards. Pole dancing is one way of improving your posture, as it stretches your body and tones it up.

7. Confidence

Finally, people who take up pole dancing find that it does wonders for their confidence. It’s not just that it makes you feel sexy (although that’s a bonus!). Pole dancing also gives you confidence as you master skills that you never expected you’d be able to acquire. Plus you’ll love seeing your body get shaped up and toned.So if you’re amazed at the skills of dancers, then why not try a class yourself? You’ll get fit while having fun, and that’s the key to maintaining an exercise routine. What’s your favorite way of keeping fit?

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