Good Kisser

Whether you are still waiting for that first kiss or looking to become a good kisser, these rules will definitely come in handy. The art of kissing is way more than just locking lips with someone. There’s a lot of emotional connection and stimulation that goes on during kissing. You should therefore make sure that you’re kissing to your fullest potential.

Respect Consent, Always! 

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! You should always make sure that your bae is comfortable with you kissing them before you go down that make out sesh… It shows that you care for them and most of all, you respect their boundaries. A simple “Can I kiss you?” won’t hurt, would it?

Keep Your Breath Fresh!

The first step to being a good kisser lies in these two words: Fresh Breath. However good of a kisser you are, if your breath smells then that is a complete turn off! It also kills the mood and makes your partner uncomfortable. To make sure you avoid such embarrassment, always carry gum or avoid eating stank-inducing foods like garlic on a make out day!

Keep Your Tongue in Check

Always use your tongue sparingly, at least. Its the basic rule of French Kissing. Too much tongue makes the session a little bit messy and disgusting if you think of it. Start by lightly finding their tongue with the tip of yours, try gazing past the tip of their tongue and then pull back. Circle the tip of their tongue, then pull back again. The pull back gives you time to breathe and avoid saliva overflow.

Don’t Nibble

Guys, listen a good kisser doesn’t nibble, at all! It sounds terrifying to think of somebody nibbling on your lip like a straw or pen cap! Good teeth action starts with taking bae’s bottom lip between your front teeth, giving a gentle tug, and letting go. It’s not an actual nibble.

Always Carry Lip Balm 

A good kisser’s  tongue needs to look deliciously kissable and inviting for your bae to crave a taste. A thick coat of shiny gloss will just do the trick! However when it gets to the actual kissing, you might want to wipe it off.

Keep Your Hands on the Good Spots 

The most common question every first kisser asks themselves in their mind, “What the heck should I do with my hands?” Stick to the good spots and ensure that your partner is comfortable with them. Here are some options:

  1. Place both of your hands on either side of his/her head, then slide them back into their hair.
  2. Put one on her lower back and one behind the neck.
  3. Try both hands lightly resting on his chest.
  4. Both hands on his/her hips.


Keep Your Eyes Closed

Open eyes during a kissing sesh? Awkward! Keeping your eyes open during a kissing session makes things super awkward and also kills the mood. I mean, why would you?