A flirtationship is that fun,flirty behaviour you have with your friend with no intention to turn into an actual relationship.More often than not it occurs where two friends have feelings for each other but cannot be romantically involved due to different circumstances like distance or one of you not being ready.

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It can however grow into a serious relationship or revert back to being friends.So how do you tell whether or not you are in a flirtationship?Let’s set the record straight then:

1. You send each other cute texts/emojis

You know those harmless,flirty texts like ”Morning?” or ”Goodnight *insert guy/chic’s name*” but hardly calling each other “Bae” since you are in not in a real relationship.Besides,the two of you end up giving each other pet names that goes further to show that you are JUST friends even as you continue flirting.

2. Uncertain/mixed feelings

At some point you start wondering whether this guy would make a perfect boyfriend or if he is meant for another person.You ain’t sure if the two of you can move on to establishing a serious relationship.He might as well be thinking the same about you but since no one wants to talk about it,y’all become comfortable with your flirtationship.

3. You don’t complain about the boyfriend/girlfriend

The thing with flirtationship is that there’s no real attachment involved.So you can be flirting with your “platonic partner” whereas you are committed elsewhere to another relationship.But as soon as you start complaining then your flirtationship partner might as well reject you.

4. No obligation to spend money when going out

As opposed to an actual relationship,you don’t feel obliged to use your money on buying her drinks or food unless you are willing to sort out the bill.

5. You never say “I love you”

No.Don’t even think about saying it.What if he/she doesn’t feel the same about you?Then again how sure are you that getting into an actual relationship would cause complications?

6. Texting pal

He’ll always text you back instantly irregardless of how weird your texts are.The kind of guy who will always come up with a story to keep the chat flowing and eventually find yourselves laughing together.

7. You just can’t explain this relationship

It’s more of a friendship but less of a relationship.You aren’t dating and it becomes hard telling people what both of you are doing exactly.Some may go on to label it as a “friends with benefits” relationship even thought you aren’t sleeping together.