102612-health-ipod-walking-teensSo its been a month or two, or even three, since you and your “dude” called it quits. your life is ok, and you have been living a better life without him.

Just when you thought you are done with him, your phone rings, and thinking its your bff, you grab your phone with a smile… but on opening the inbox … its, … guess who?, You guessed right, your ex.

He finally “thought of you”. LoL

Here are some of those messages that are irritating to read that make you want to smash your phone.

1. The “Are You Thinking About Me” Text
The ultimate testing the waters text to see what you’re thinking (most likely riiight when you were getting ready to move on).

#IGNORE… This text is to be ignored. what do you have to say to that anyway

2. The “I Miss You” Text
The kind of text you get when you run into the ex one night when you’re out with your friends, and he remembers how AWESOME you are and wants to get together again. But you’re just like:

#NOPE… I dont! dude, i have moved on. Cant you see how happy i am with my life now. To be honest, i don’t MISS you.


3. The “I Hope You Still Think About Me” Text
The kind of text he sends when he just saw your favorite band play and starts to seriously miss you. Sometimes this is a nice, sweet text, but he’s your ex for a reason, so naturally it just makes you seriously annoyed.

#JUSTSTOP… Dude pliz, i stopped thinking about you long before you became my ex.

4. The “Please Take Me Back” Text
The text he sends after he just got dumped, or when he sees you tagging some new cutie in all your Fb pics—basically, he realizes what he’s missing. lol

#TOOLATE… LoL, read, this, N.E.V.E.R

5. The “Just Checking In…” Text
The kind of ambiguous text that seems totally harmless at first until he starts sending them once a month so that you basically can never forget about him and move on.

#NOTINTERESTED… What is it that you are checking. Boriiiing.

6. The “Trying To Make You Jealous, But Failing” Text
The kind of text from a dude who thinks the best way to keep you roped in is to make you jealous by hitting on your friends. News flash: you know exactly what he’s doing. Instead of making you mad, it just makes you feel really sorry for him.

#LOL.NO… I know what you are up to dude… try harder. lol

7. The “Kill You with Kindness” Text
The kind of text an ex sends after stalking your Fb wall and realizing how awesome you’re doing. This one might seem kinda cute, until you realize that your life is totally amazing without him in it (and you want to keep it that way!).

#DELETE… Do i say BUll**** i mean, that text is not meant for me… lol

I know ladies you feel me. your ex is your ex, and he should respect that. Be on the look out for these texts and halla back if you have more of these kinda texts. Feel free to add on to the list.



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