o-COUPLE-ON-DATE-AFRICAN-AMERICAN-facebookHow do you know you found your soul-mate? How do you know that you love someone? Ah, true love…Everyone is looking for it, everyone has been sure at least once in their lives they’ll never find it but most have been proved wrong, luckily. The need for emotional attachment seems to be a major one for us, so how do we know it’s the big LOVE? Here are 7 signs:

1. The world can die and you won’t notice

When you’ve found your true match, the rest of the world sort of fades to the background. And that’s not just in the initial infatuation stage, it’s more lasting. Your significant other has just become the most important person for you.

2. In sickness and in health

No, that doesn’t mean that true love necessarily means marriage. It means that when you really love someone, pampering them while they’re ill is not the task.  You know what ‘babies’ dudes become when they catch a cold, right?

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3. You can imagine growing old together

When you really love someone and they love you, it’s not very hard to imagine your life together a few decades later. And you don’t mind imagining it, either. You don’t mind growing old, if you’re doing it together.

4. “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds”

When you really love someone, an argument, even a serious one, would not change your feelings for them. You don’t start hating them just because your views on something differ, or because of a bad habit. You learn to live with these because you love the person who has them.

5. You can sit in silence

Think for a moment: how many people do you know with whom you can just sit and not speak? Chances are there won’t be many, even counting your closest friends. Closeness is the keyword here – if you really feel close to someone, parents excepted, you won’t feel uncomfortable with the silence and you won’t feel an urge to fill it.

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6. You’re selfless

Another old cliche says that if you love someone, you should set them free. Let’s rephrase this: when you really love someone, his or her happiness takes priority over your selfish desires. For example, if your nearest and dearest doesn’t want to go out, you would never force them to do it just because they love you.

7. You start loving yourself more

It may sound paradoxical at first but loving someone truly and being loved by them has an amazing effect on how you feel about yourself. It’s so great to be able to have these feelings for another human being, isn’t it?