It is not easy dealing with hot gals. They think and feel differently than you guys do, and often you do not seem to understand what is going on in their minds and just carry on messing up, when you think you are the ‘ish’. The most frustrating thing is when you’re talking to a hottie, and for some unknown reason she goes cold and blows you out. Here are some things to avoid in order to sky-rocket your game.Friends (1)

1. You use cliché pickup lines
A pickup line is cliché if you’ve heard it before or if it isn’t individualized for the particular situation or chiq. These should be avoided at all costs; they make you appear boring and not inventive. Just comment about something situational to start off and you’ll do just fine.

2. You don’t value first impressions
Maybe you don’t realize the importance of first impressions. Your appearance (from head to toe) makes a very big difference in helping a chiq decide if she’s attracted to you. And normally, if you look good, you feel good. Dress in a manner that helps your confidence level. Remember to always step out looking fabulous! You never know which is your lucky day.

3. You are not confident
When you approach a gal, don’t think of yourself as inferior because you’re single. After all, so is she — hopefully. Instead of worrying about being alone, be happy that you have the opportunity to play and score in the best game on the planet: seducing chiqs. Once you look at every approach as an exciting opportunity rather than a harrowing task, your confidence will automatically soar.

4. You stare at her chest
Perhaps that is what may have attracted you in the first place, but you don’t direct your conversations to them. This shows your ill manners and the chiq will know all you want to do is undress her. This will make her raise her flags and be quite uncomfortable. You will have no chance again. You will appear like a creep.

5. You do not engage her friends
Most gals move in packs. It is normally hard to approach a girl who is in a group, but if you do sum up the courage, do not avoid her friends. The friends are going to instantly dislike you and try to protect her. And if she is obviously the most attractive one, they are very accustomed to doing this.
If however you talk to all of them, you are a friendly guy instead of a creepy and possibly dangerous dude they must protect their friend from at all costs. You can focus your energy on her a little later, often with her friend’s blessings. Sometimes you’ll actually find there is another one in the group you are more interested in anyways.2ND_LEAD-Couple_on_date

6. You mess up your compliments
A compliment should be tailored to the particular gal with details, so that she knows it’s not just ‘a line.’ Gals are all about the details. If you must compliment a chiq’s eyes, for example (after all, they are many gal’s most attractive feature), describe what you like about them. And don’t overdo it with the compliments or she’ll have you in the palm of her hand. Instead, pay her one compliment not related to where the conversation was going — a showstopper — then move on.

7. You don’t find out if she’s single early on
The last thing you want to do is waste 20 minutes talking to another dude’s gal. Find out if she is single within three minutes of striking up a conversation. If so, continue. If not, do not give up: if she seems interested in you, she might be unhappy with her current guy and signalling that she’s game for a fling. Continue to flirt and maybe probe a little more to see how much she’s thinking about him. If she steers the conversation away from that topic but still wants to chat and flirt, game on. If all she does is talk about her man, move on.

8. You boast
Gals hate braggarts, and besides, they would rather hear and talk about themselves. If a chiq is impressed by boasting, she may have low self-esteem, which will lead to other problems soon enough.

Avid these 8 things and you’ll be good to go. Guys, note that if a chiq keeps eye contact and is pleasant, continue on and ask her out; if she is avoiding eye contact and being short with what she says, move on. And don’t lose confidence – you’ll have better luck next time… perhaps.

By Zahra