Two words, three vowels, four consonants, seven letters. These can cut you open to the core and leave you in ungodly pain or it can free your soul and lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders. The phrase is: “It’s over.” Yes, you will cry, hurt or feel bad; but a break-up can be a good thing

1. A break up can save you from a damaging relationship
When you love, it is easy to focus so much on the person that you don’t see the danger that person is leading you to. The person could be misleading you, messing up your relationship with God or your family, making you irresponsible, introducing you to harmful drugs and lifestyles, beating you up, abusing you or insulting you; but you stay, blinded by the “love” you convince yourself you have. Until that person breaks-up with you, or you are forced to break-up by circumstance; you hurt for a while then you realize it was for the best you broke-up, you had to be forced to leave that person because you were in too deep to leave that person on your own.

2. Breaking-up gives you time to be with you
Some people have been so used to being in a relationship; they’ve never had time with themselves as a single person. Breaking-up gives you time to focus on you, to heal, to build you, to learn to be a whole you on your own and not depend on others for your happiness or fulfillment. It makes you analyze life, and learn yourself. We all need some time for self-realization and explorationwhy brake up

3. Breaking-up mends your relationship with God
When you have loved someone who had taken you far from God, separating with that person gives you the hunger and desire to come back to God.

4. Breaking-up gives you a chance to change yourself
When you are the one who did wrong and your wrong was the reason for the break-up, the painful break-up makes you remorseful, it gives you a chance to see your fault and work on them.

5. A break- up saves you from a wrong marriage
Sometimes you can be dating a good person but not the right person for your future. Sometimes you two could have been dating for the wrong reasons or dating just for the sake. A good person who treats you well but not compatible for a lasting marriage. The person you marry should not just be good for you, but right for you.
6. A break-up can lead to a make-up
When you love the right person, it is possible something can go wrong leading to a break-up. During that break-up, you two can come to realize just how much you need, care and love each other. This realization will lead you two back together and make you two love each other even deeper because you were scared by the fear of losing each other forever. A break-up doesn’t have to be final, it doesn’t have to be the end of love but just a season in a love that lasts.why brake up

7. Breaking-up frees you for true love
Leaving the wrong relationship will make you available for the right relationship. The right lover will not pursue you if you are still taken. Don’t cling to a bad relationship just because you feel a need to be in a relationship no matter how pathetic, clinging will waste your time and keep you from finding true love.

8. Breaking-up teaches you
When you break-up with someone because they slept with another, they were cold to you, they disrespected you; it will teach you how all these hurt and when you get your next lover, you will not subject them to the same hurt your ex subjected you to. You will not want your next lover to go through the pain your ex made you go through.

Remember guys, this is just another one of those life hurdles that teach you. They do say experience is the best teacher.
By Muthoni Wachira