You meet this hot girl and get to know each other. You get attracted to her and within no time the two of you start hanging out. Since you are getting to know each other, you avoid acting in a stupid manner for fear that she’ll know you want a relationship. You keep playing that ‘good boy’ character then BAM! It dawns on you that she is dating another dude.friendzone top

The milk has already spilled and you can’t cry over it. Imagine all that time she’s been friendzoning you like an idiot. You had the chance to pounce on her and get into a relationship but decided to hang on to the ‘BFF Zone’.

All in all, you gotta move on and avoid falling into that mistake again. Here’s how you’ll know you’ve been guaranteed your way into the friend zone next time you fall for a chic:

obama-friend-zoneShe introduces you as ‘her friend’ in the company of her friends
This shows that your chances of courting her have been flushed down the drain. The fact that she’s told her friends about you, but not in a way you were thinking then you are definitely in the friend zone.

Asks advice on another guy
When she’s always seeking advice on some other hot dude and tells you how she would love to date him than you she has no interest in you. She wants that unique guy that every other girl would get attracted to.

You become her shopping mate
Like seriously?! How can she be going with you to Ngara, Gikomba or Toi Market to get your advice on which clothes suit her? Yo’ only helping her get a good outfit to go for a date with the guy she has a crush on.

Undresses before you without caring
If she does this, with no intention to seduce you, then she takes you to be her female friend. It is not the same way thing she would do if you were her crush.

You watch a full movie together
Anyone knows very well what it means to get invited over to watch a movie; there’s going to be something ‘good’ in store for the both of you. Woe unto you if, after a movie, you start highlighting how interesting it was. The friend zone level would even get worse if, when watching the movie, she doesn’t sit on the same seat with you.

Flirts with other guys in front of you
You know the friend zone is real when she assumes your presence while chatting with other chaps. She doesn’t want you to feel jealous only that she didn’t even know you exist in the first place.friend-zone-1

Refers to you as a ‘brother’ or ‘buddy’
By using these terms she only knows you as a male friend who would only be there to protect her without entangling any sexual feelings. Bro, it seems that your long hike of friendship seems to be moving on well with her.

Replies your texts with words like ‘awe thanks’, ‘that’s lovely of you’
She seems to be enjoying every minute of friendship with you if you bump into such texts. This shows that she still minds you as your BFF while at the same time wants you to stick to that friend zone area.

By David Ng’ang’a