mens-black-guess-watchLooking good is not an option. When it comes to dating, ladies will first be hit by how a man is dressed, and then how he behaves. Don get it wrong, ladies are very keen to details. while men would think ladies will be attracted by the charm in them, this is not always the case. Ladies also will judge you by how you dress. Remember that image is everything. These things are a must have, and any presentable man worth dating should have. So if you’re looking to impress your lady, hurry and get these accessories.

1. A leather watch


Let me leak some lady secrets to you.  Any classy lady would be caught dead dating a man who doesn’t have a watch. All he does is asking the time or has to take out his smart phone to check the time. Talk about shady behavior 101. OK, maybe if it’s in the repair shop or he is waiting for it to get imported, then and only then can it be excused.

2. Cologne

1200x-1Not these 250/- sprays that are off the shelf on supermarkets. A good cologne is one that especially lasts the whole day or better yet 48+ hours. You know those ones that keep you thinking about the guy the whole day if you hugged him in the morning.

3. A leather belt

beltYou don’t have to have a loose fitting trouser to wear a belt. Some trousers and shorts are just the right size but the belt adds an elegant look. And please note; as soon as the belt starts wearing off, replace it. We all know how shady torn leather can make us look.

4. A suit or tuxedo

suitIt doesn’t matter whether or not you have an office job. A suit is an essential. Furthermore, there are some events that you just need to dress in an elegant way. Your dressing says a lot about you. Suit equals respect, enough said.

5. A simple dark tie/ a bow tie


This is to go with your tux, when you need to look exceptionally stunning. Don’t get the screaming colors or the headache-giving patterns. Play it simple. The dark shade gives you a mysterious character that the ladies definitely want to know you more.

6. Sunglasses

glassesWhen the sun is scorching and you are out there, what do you opt to do? Hold your hand over your head and look like some guy from out country yet you are in the city. It won’t cost you more than 1000/- shillings to get a legit pair of sunglasses. Otherwise, fake it to make it. Walk along Moi Avenue and purchase glasses worth 250/- shillings. By the end of the day you earn the title ‘presentable’.

7. Leather Wallet


Just like a lady needs a purse, a man needs a wallet. Honest question; where do you keep your bank cards if you don’t own a wallet? If you’re missing this accessory, you’re the one who makes it easy for pick pockets to steal your cash. A wallet on the other hand can be felt easily if tampered with. Wallet is a must guys.

8. A black umbrella

Davek_Elite_Black_Umbrella_1024x1024This is NOT gay!! It’s actually classy. So when it starts raining in town with all the commotion, you start running and pushing people around. You might even fall as punishment. Whether or not you own a car, an umbrella is an essential especially during the rainy season.

By Louisa Nungari

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