Your Relationship Is Holding You Back9This season has seen so many couples break up, from Amber Rose with Wiz Khalifa and Jason Derulo with Jordin Sparks. Every relationship calls for compromise and understanding. Wiz_AmberOpen communication is also essential, though to be honest, most men are not the chatty type. We all have to understand that men and women are quite different characters, yes we may be of the same genus and species, I firmly believe we are totally different. Perhaps there is another classification after species that has not yet been discovered and men and women belong to different ones. It is in understanding and acknowledging these difference that we can manage long and healthy relationships. Perhaps these break ups we are seeing all over is cause the couples didn’t embrace their differences. Girls, here are a few tips on how you can ensure your man goes nowhere

1. Beauty attracts guys but wisdom keeps them
wisdomDefinitely a guy will come to you cause of your physical attractiveness. Once he has approached you, show him you can hold a conversation. Be adequately versed in many topics. You don’t have to be an avid fan say of football to know the rules of the game. Extend all ways. Know the game play for rugby, but also if gilry know of the fashinistas and what colours to complement your skin. Above all have fun and love your brain!

2. Elegance catches dude’s attention but intelligence convinces them
Intelligent WifeThere are rumours that men are scared of intelligent women. That is not true. How often have you heard cases of men leaving their ‘village stay at home wives’ for a colleague? They will hung out with this intelligent educated woman cause they can actually share intelligent thoughts and ideas. They will engage with the intelligent woman cause they feel nicely challenged or hold meaningful debate. Not the shallow or domestic conversations they will get when they get home.

3. Nagging irritates guys but ‘constructive silence weakens them
NaggingNo one likes to be nagged. If he says he is busy or occupied, you do your thing and let him be. Once you show that independence and assurity in yourself, he is bound to seek you out. He should not be your only source of happiness and all. You used to have fun before you two met, carry on with that. It is very dangerous to forget yourself in a relationship. Perhaps your uniqueness is what attracted him to you!

4. Guys have secret struggles and silent pains. Should you ever find them out exhibit the greatest maturity
SupportiveIn a long term relationship, you can tell when your partner is not ok. Instead of pestering him to tell you what is up, offer him help indirectly. Do all the stuff he loves, make him happy. He will eventually tell you what is bugging him. Be true to you, and offer support at all times. Nagging will just add salt to the injury.

5. In the long-run your ‘words’ matters more to a dude than your ‘looks’. So invest the right words
kissYou heard of the bimbo? These are super gorgeous trophy wives. They are dumber than dumb. They are normally used by men for show. They do not seem to have any worth apart from their looks. And we all know these do not last forever. If he is in it for the looks-that is superficial and he will manage to replace you very easily when he fell what you offering him is fading away.

6. Earn a guy’s respect and he will consider you the yard stick 4 all his action
respectIf you respect yourself there are some things you wouldn’t do or people you wouldn’t hung out with. This self-worth transcends to the way you carry yourself. If you show respect, you will earn respect. If a guy feels he can trust you, he will always engage you in his life and will be with you for the long haul. Yeah, what chick doesn’t like to talk? If you are trusted, your guy will always want to talk to you.

7. Dudes will naturally give you their futures if they can recall your maturity in yesterday’s issues
Future plansIf you do not nag, if you offered support when he was down without pestering him to talk, if when he did share you did not judge or belittle him but offer constructive solutions or ideas, a man will hold you in high esteem. He will feel comfortable with you and he will even share his life’s dreams with you. He will feel certain he can have a solid future with you.

8. Chiqs are everywhere but queens are scarce. Let the queen in you come alive and he will hold you in high esteem
QueenQueens are endeared to have proper etiquette, they are proper, they lead people, they are wise, and they always look their best. They may seem to have the best of both worlds. They have the power and wisdom to rule associated with men, but they do not forget their effeminate side and they always have the best designs of clothes, not a hair out of place and gorgeous make-up. They take care of themselves well, and use the same intricate care for their land and subjects. A wise Queen understands the balance between these. In life, carry yourself like a Queen, and the guys will come bowing asking for you.

By Zahra