Fashion has unbelievably grown over the years and it keeps growing.It has taken over styles,tastes and preferences. We have seen different sets in trends from both economic worlds who identify their class in fashion through both expensive and affordable threads over the decades. Some catchy, some not very catchy. Lately though it looks like our fashion gurus are leading us back to the nostalgic 80’s and the 90’s.


As ancient as the boy bands and the new waves may sound so are the acid washed jeans, biker shorts, choker, scrunches and high low skirts and dresses just to name a few, have come back with a vengeance.Back then perm become a rage,even white girls could have afros, wigs and weaves for the mammies to box,fade, slope and also push backs for the boys.Frenzy right!

From my observation, I can only say some wanna be fashionistas are an embarrassment and others know exactly how to rock the fads.Young adults events are so colorful with all sort of clothes and jewelry to match the 80’s and 90’s movement.Yes in this case I say movement because the fashion industry in Kenya grows as one and moves on to another invention. When it comes to shameful outfits, every decade is guilty but the trial and errors for 80’s and 90’s are definitely sentenced.

There is nothing we love more than fashion flashbacks, but keep in mind it takes a guru with an eye for fashion to stand out from the wanna be.Want to rock and look on fleek ? Just use the internet. It always has the answers to keep you both trendy and classy. Pinterest got you.