Everywhere we turn, someone tries to assign an unfair, sexist meaning to something we did or said. Society has defined us in unfair ways — being attractive means we’re stupid; liking romantic comedies means we’re vapid — and it’s hard to let go of these tags.

9 Things Men Dont GetBecause of these stereotypes, men tend to misread many of our actions. Sometimes, the misinterpretations are entertaining; sometimes, they’re hurtful.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of those misinterpretations:

  1. If we’re being nice, we’re flirting

In an effort to never let opportunities pass them, men sometimes think that being nice equates to women wanting them. Sometimes ladies are just being nice!

  1. If we’re being emotional, we’re crazy

No. However, the next time a man calls us “crazy” for merely expressing a feeling, we may actually go crazy.

3. If we want to play/talk about video games, we’re just trying to impress you

Men tend to think we’re trying to seem like “one of the guys” when we say we’re into need for speed or FIFA, but our cover would be blown about five seconds into the game when it becomes glaringly obvious we can’t play at all. Why would we embarrass ourselves like that? If we say we want to play, we mean it — and we’ll probably kick your behind.

4. If we’re angry or upset, we’re ‘PMSing’

That borders on misogyny; like any other being, sometimes we’re just angry!

5. If we dress hot, we’re doing it for you

We like to dress up to feel good about ourselves. Is that so hard to believe? We also do this thing where we dress up to impress other women. There’s nothing like a good drunken compliment from a girl in the bar bathroom at midnight to complete a night out.

6.If we say “I’m fine,” you should be prepared for anything; including death

Sometimes, we really are doing fine, and we’re not trying to passive-aggressively communicate anger. I promise.

7. If we’re a tomboy, we don’t have feminine interests

We may play sports with the guys a lot, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a “Sex and the City” marathon, or don’t like to wear skirts. Don’t shame us for being a girl; that’s what we essentially are.

8. If we’re wearing makeup at the gym, we’re trying to avoid looking gross for you

Come on! We just didn’t have time to have it removed before arriving at the gym. Could you please not read too much into that?

9. If we want you to pay for dinner, we’re high maintenance

No, we just like to be treated nicely once in a while. Hell, if a man takes me on a date, I’ll do his laundry. Sure, chivalry is dead; but we can all choose to adhere to gender norms without feeling like we’re limiting ourselves, can’t we?