Tanzanian maestro on Friday released his latest song, Seduce Me, on YouTube. It has gained so much momentum over the weekend that it has clocked the 1million view by Monday. The song, which has sent ladies scampering for water was released by the crooner after a long musical silence.

The video has also received a lot of positive responses from fans. It is hard to know what magic he used because you don’t get 1.8 million views that fast. What magic do you think it was? Don’t bother thinking too hard on that, clearly the song is dope and the video is definitely everything people have been waiting for.

He has been an arch rival to Diamond Platinumz and he had gone off the grid some time back. His comeback is paying off. This is the type of person you want in your life right now. A day after this release, Diamond Platinumz teamed up with his Wasafi crew to counter ‘Seduce Me’ with a banger, Zilipendwa’. The latter has gone ahead to garner 1.1 million views in two days.

Seduce Me has a jazzy, smooth feeling to it and just like the title suggests, it’s all about seduction. Well, I’m not sure if he gives any tips on how to seduce chics but that is something you might want to check out in the video. If the girls are loving him and his song is performing that well so far, he is doing something right. On the other hand, Zilipendwa is a banger that reminisces all that was popular back in the day but is trash nowadays. The artistes mention big names in politics, music and entertainment that no longer excite people like they used to.

African musicians are starting to get the recognition and response from the market that they deserve. Congrats Ali and Wasafi!