Majid Michel, a Ghanaian actor literally inspired me on a Saturday night show that aired on a local channel. Majid looked like a lady’s man, you know flirtatious and all, until he started talking. Then my perception of him totally changed. It would be boring to go into facts bout about how he started blah, blah but his story is not extraordinary.

majidmichel 2

Majid talked about his major focus on the youth and how tragic the youth are for following a common saying that old people are stupid. Well being onexposed,  I have grown knowing that old is gold and that our elders know much about life since they have the most experience.

He insisted that his focus is to show the youth that older people are the best people to learn from so as not to make the same mistakes they did and also embrace their mentorship. Do not act as if you know it all and end up being the same person who goes through “its too late to correct it” vibe.

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His talk about gifts is what captured my attention too. Gifts as he defined them, is what defines you as a person and also gives you your value.Most of us can relate to this, you know, not knowing what your gift is and hence ending up in the wrong career and jobs. Majid emphasized that each and every individual should find their gift. Know what it is that gets you up in the morning and keep doing it even when you do not get paid to do it. Find it and refine it.

He also added that you should refine your uniqueness and it will give you your value.

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Trust me there is no better way to start off the week than knowing it only takes a self driven individual to figure out their gift. It is a challenge to everyone, take it up or you end up working for nothing.

Lets get paid for our value!

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-Mugo Ivy