US Lifetime television network finally gave a sneak preview of what fans could expect in the movie “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” when they showed a 16 second teaser trailer this weekend.

Alexandra and Aaliyah Comparisson
Alexandra and Aaliyah

In the trailer, Alexandra Shipp, who plays the role of Aaliyah, can be seen inside a dark building spotting the late singer’s signature look of crop top and baggy pants, with dark shades. She then bursts into a dance routine, before the trailer reveals the date of the movie release as November 15.

Aaliyah was a high flying singer and actress when her life was cut short in an aeroplane accident back in 2001. She is remembered for the old school jam “Back and Forth”, “Try Again” among others.

Zendaya and Aaliyah Comparisson3
Zendaya and Aaliyah

The movie creation was not without controversy, however, as the first actress cast for the role Zendaya Coleman quit due production issues. She had problems obtaining the rights to Aaliyah’s music, on top of this, Aaliyah’s family and fans sought to stop the production. They considered Lifetime not to be the appropriate forum for it.

As is the norm, it may take some time after the first screening abroad for the movie to be available locally. For all you R&B fans this will be a great watch!!

By Thomas Rajula