You love someone who apparently according to you .. has a better(flyer) body than yours and that person loves you back .

Though your love is so cute and very adorable like a bouquet of sparklers …


…the negative things people say about you still drag down your spirits…

Falling in love with someone makes you feel like you run the world ..but that won’t make you stop caring about what those other SEVEN BILLION people say…(And if you really don’t care:Congratulations, you’re amazing, how may I take lessons from you?)lol !


You get an evil shadow of you that keeps discouraging you …



And it's so easy for all the little insecurities and fears and doubts about your body to Frankenstein themselves together into the worst third wheel ever.

The little monster discourages you from letting go of yourself and enjoying life..

This jerk is always getting in the way of your plans. It doesn’t want to go to the beach, because it’s afraid of how you’ll look.
Just because you are afraid of the way you’ll look …


This jerk thinks that sex is the perfect time to remind you of all your flaws end up feeling all shy .. and reserved..

Your jerk third wheel thinks sex is the perfect time to remind you that you look the same as when you accidentally turn on a front-facing camera.

your ghost friend makes you reach an extent that you don’t want to meet your mate’s friends ..who have their ‘gorgeous’ girlfriends in their arms..

You don’t even want to have a double date because you are not confident with the way you look ..

When your significant other wants to introduce you to their friends, your third wheel thinks it’d be better if you just stayed home.

The whole honest truth to this matter is that this MONSTER wants you to be miserable .. sometimes being miserable and reserved feels safe.

It makes your relationship seem like it’s a broken zipper .

ACTING like you DON’T DESERVE TO BE LOVED acting like you don’t need the sun .. EVERYONE NEEDS SOME VITAMIN D!

You know what … Kick that monster out .. it won’t be easy because it comes from within you .

It’s better ignoring that fool than to ignore a great love standing right in front of you … who just wants to love you .



Just say this words 🙂

-Vanessa Wambui