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Adelle Onyango set to wed next month


Adelle Onyango is off the market fellas.  The ever bubbly and sociable Kiss 100 presenter has kept her relationship away from the spotlight for a while now. But now the news of her engagement is out and she is totally embracing it.

Confessing about her new status while speaking to The Star’s Word Is, Adelle said;

“Love should be celebrated just as loudly as we “celebrate” hate. Also we’ve enjoyed it with our family and friends for a long while so it’s OK for everyone else to know now.”

Adelle kept the engagement a secret for a while.

“It wasn’t a secret, I never hid my ring. I just didn’t make it seem like all there was to me – and I genuinely wanted to enjoy it in the confines of my family,” she continued to say.

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