Beloved radio princess Adelle Onyango can do no wrong in her fans’ eyes. She is one of the bubbliest radio presenters in the country thanks to her jovial personality.

Adelle has managed to amass a huge following on social media thanks to her hashtag #TeamAdelle. She has ‘super powers’ too, given that just two months ago she was hosting two shows on Kiss 100; the mid-morning show and the breakfast show alongside Shaffie Weru. 

Adelle 000

At 27-years-old Adelle is currently the youngest personality hosting a breakfast show, which is traditionally run by veterans media personalities.

Adelle takes on other roles too, she is working on charity projects such as Project She(Her own), She will connect, ficha uchi project and many more.

Just this morning, the bubbly princess announced something major. She is totally re-branding herself.

I think right now I’m more unapologetic about being my true and
genuine self

She says

In a statement released by her publicist, Adelle has formally announced her agenda for 2016, and she has done it with a series of newly released stunning photos

“If I was to define the new look Adelle, the words I would use are, strength. Liberated. Self-aware. Not to say that that wasn’t who I was before. I think right now I’m more unapologetic about being my true and genuine self,”

For a 27 year old, Adelle has had quite a number of emotional hurdles to deal with.  She lost her mum, who she describes as her best friend, in 2012. It turned her world upside down.

The hardest part was redefining who I am as much of who was, was heavily pegged on my mum. It was scary to venture into the world alone knowing that, that comfort zone she gave me was gone. I think the experience made me more self-aware and more willing to live my best life every day, regardless of who doesn’t accept it.”

Adelle is a champion of womens’ issues and is extremely passionate when it comes to domestic violence. In 2008, she went through a very dark patch in her life when she was raped . It is something that most of her fans do not know.

I own each and every one of my experiences because I’ve gotten to the point where I understand why I went through them and I’m humble enough to learn from them. In 2008 I unfortunately got raped and I was in a dark place for a long time after that.

Through this experience Adelle has lent her voice to a number of campaings that seek to end violence against women. She championed the UNICEF #EndViolence campaign with Janet Mbugua.

Adelle 8


We should definitely keep our eyes on the super Adelle Onyango. How she has managed to overcome so much pain and heartache and come out on the other side with her infectious smile is nothing short of amazing.

Adelle is going to touch many with her inspiring story.