Dear Answer B*tch,

Stay-Pure-with-My-BoyfriendI’ve been dating my boyfriend for about two months now and we fuss about being intimate. I am ready, but the past also holds me back. I have been hurt a lot in the past by guys I’ve done stuff with and it has broken me apart. He has done nothing wrong to me, and has proven his trust. He understands and is willing to wait, but it does upset him, because he says he won’t hurt me. Tomorrow we have decided to take it to the level and i am scared! IDK how to deal. I trust him, but i don’t want what happened to me in the past to happen again.


Dear Bleek,

It sounds to me like he is somewhat pressuring you into having sex with him, whether you realize it or not. I can tell by your post that you are not 100% ready yet and you should not have to go through with this..Tell him to give you the respect you deserve by waiting until you’re ready without pressuring you or to hit the road!


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