fena gitu

There is usually a good feeling that comes from a Kenyan Afro song and there is only one who person who holds it down with that kind of flow and she is Fena Gitu.The Fenamenal woman always has a good vibe in all her songs, she is one of the few artists in Kenya who actually tells a real story with a message with funky grove in her music.

Her hit, African King produced by Jazz Odongo, is her love story about how she bumped into this guy and she just fell for him, a true African man who protects her and provides with a catchy childhood game song that makes you to fall in love with the song. 

Her musical prowess has grown from the first song that brought her to the light because she just goes to the next level with every song she does, from Brikicho, Dutch, Jabulani, Fenamenal woman and now the African king which is a certified hit. If you haven’t yet really listened to it check it out here.

Piece by Chuck.