Rexxie | Cover Design: Emmanuel Otieno

Meet Rexxie! The 19 year old content creator taking Tik Tok by a storm! Ruth Njeri Gachiri, popularly known as Rexxie by her Tik Tok fans has built an online empire with over 271,000 followers and 3.5 million likes, and that’s just the beginning. Oozing with passion and vibrancy, her mission to express her love for natural hair and entertain her loyal fans has disrupted the way that other Tik Tok enthusiasts approach content creation massively.

Rexxie’s rise to fame came in 2018, same year she joined the platform, cool, right?! It was a hustle at the beginning and she had to do a lot of research accompanied by a lot of trial and errors before getting that one video, that one video… That one video that gave her the biggest breakthrough of her life. She uploaded a short video documenting her usual hair routine of managing a short afro-hair after surprisingly trimming her long hair.  “I wanted to let my followers follow my transition to natural hair,” she said. Little did she know that this video would propel her to stardom!  The video attracted over 300,000 views, which was a huge achievement for a newbie on the platform. Rexxie was exhilarated to see the video trend across the platform. To date, she still considers the video one of her most memorable doings.

“I felt there weren’t a lot of short hairstyling videos on the platform hence I needed to change that.  This video was a transformation for me as it brought out a new person in me. I am personally not a fan of the ‘braids in, braids out cycle’ so I decided to recreate the long hairstyle to a short hair one.” Little did she know that the video would go on to set a foundation for her rise to stardom.


Her unique short hairdo ideas keep her fans hooked to the latest trends that she puts out. Within the natural hair niche that Rexxie has created for herself, she also tries to bridge the gap by keeping her content gender neutral.  Most of her styling techniques can also be used by guys. “I usually receive comments and questions from different people: young girls and even young boys, who follow my account,” says Rexxie. Her dance and comedy videos also address gender equality as she strives to make them applicable to both the girl child and boy child.


Rexxie who has a desire to take the fun to other platforms, still has everything to thank for Tik Tok. “TikTok is a great platform where I feel I can be myself as it is a fun place to work in. The platform has significantly improved my creativity as well as inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. It has also helped me create a bigger network of friends,” she says. The platform that was created for short videos has become a second home for her.


For those thinking Rexxie is a snob, just know that she interacts with her very many followers on her account through the use of the live engagement feature on Tik Tok in real time. “I am able to know how they react to my content, what they would like me to post about and they do show me tremendous love,” Rexxie commented. Her fans also use the comments section to give her feedback on her content and she feels great interacting with her internet family. So don’t worry, Rexxie isn’t a snob, at least for now haha…

Through her interactions with her followers, Rexxie has been able to try out numerous “challenges” that they have challenged her to do. One of her most memorable challenge was when she was asked to combine three different hairstyling videos into one. “It was a highly technical and challenging task. It pushed me out of my comfort zone but I managed to do it,” says the young influencer.

Her rise to fame has also caught the interest of other creators and companies and she has since been able to do a sponsored advert with Latto Milk back in 2019. She was able to come up with the content and deliver it in the best way she knows, short, fun, Tik Tok videos! She looks forward to more companies and creators reaching out to her to create superb content that will be educative and interactive to the people.

“It feels really nice knowing that young viewers look up to me. I try my best to set an example to everyone as a role model. It is also hard to keep up with all the expectations people desire from me, but I do try to cope as long as I am myself,” confidently states Rexxie. She plans to involve more creators onto her platform and create more content that will continue shaping how people view natural hair.


“Switching to natural hair requires sacrifice. Even as you switch, you will have to protect and take good care of your hair.  If you desire, you can use braids to protect your hair but I would advise you to change it up once in a while. All in all, I would recommend natural hair every day, any day for me. It’s an easy style but only if you are willing to sacrifice to take care of it,’ concludes a vibrant Rexxie.

She has managed to set a new precedence that many will surely follow. And last but not least, she prefers the Buss It Down challenge over the Silhouette challenge!