What next after KCSE?


Out of the frying pan…

Congratulations! You successfully just completed your high school examinations. Do you know what that means? You have a whooping month plus, free from Mathematics, Chemistry and all those morning preps. You have all the time to meet with long lost friends, pay some aunties a visit and have fun. But you know, exams will be out soon (and this year, Education CS Dr Fred Matiangi said you guys will get the results mapemaa!) and you’ll be thinking on the next step. So, how do you prepare yourself for campus? What if you fail to attain the required grade for campus? How do you use your time wisely? Well, we look at five ways you can do this.

What next after KCSE?
                                                      Do not just sit there! Do something…


  1. Enroll for a short course.

The period between completion of KCSE and joining campus is very long. Well, it has always been. With the current upsurge of educational centres, you can enroll in one and pursue something of your interest. Computer packages for instance. Not all schools provide Computer studies, no? Or labda you were not taking the subject. This is the best moment to pursue the course, or any other computer-related course like web design. You can also learn foreign languages like Spanish, French and Germany, take driving or even music classes.

2. Sharpen your talent.

School had deprived you of time to work on your talent. You know you’re a good musician, a good violinist, a great footballer or you’re sure you can make a very good dancer. Take this time to ensure your talent is at the very best. You’re joining campus and with that, you never know where this talent could land you. Besides, it can make you some money as you wait for the results. Also, if you have passion in writing, the audience is there. Come up with a blog, churn out those stories and you might be the star we’ve been waiting for.

 3. Volunteer as an apprentice.

You love film production, for instance. It’s what you’d like to pursue in your next level of learning. This season has so many events taking place and chances are, you know one or two guys that deals with video production. Seize that chance, tell him/her that you’re volunteering your services for free. Be their apprentice and see what happens. That makes you part of a team, it gives you important practical skills and above all, networking. You see, you can always come back and work with them during your holidays. You can get some allowances if the crew is big, and your might be writing an important line to a great story of your life. Anything, just volunteer your services to the field of your choice, make it your stepping stone to greatness.

 4. Make some money

Four years in high school meant you solely depended on your pocket money. You had no source of income unless you were a thug, si ndio? Now you’re out here on your own. Sorry dude, no pocket money for some months now. What if you decided to make your own money? Like say, you opened up some kabizz like selling Popcorn or even smokies? Well, that’s not fancy for you? You have a laptop. Your parents have a stable WiFi installed in your home and you probably spend your time chatting with friends on social media. You’re broke. Don’t you envy how people post selfies with delicious foods in the background and all that fun? You can begin academic writing. Yes, Ajira Digital program whereby you can  choose some online writing jobs to do and then earn more than 2,000 bob per assignment. What do you think about that? Say in a week you work hard and do ten jobs, how much is that?

5. Attend workshops.

There are so many events going down this season. And by the way, most of them are open-door. Free of charge. You can go to creatives garage, Pawa254 and many more. Such workshops let you meet people and learn a lot. It makes you beware of your potential, make new discoveries and be mentored into the best specimen in your trade. Don’t choose, just attend. Career workshops, mentoring workshops, writing workshops et al.