Kenyans do not know when to call it quit but keep up with the hilarious challenges. After the Babachallenge I hoped this was the end of it but it seems there more to come up.

The Uhuru Challenge is more interesting I may say, it was posted by Propesa a group of comedians from Nakuru who are regularly upload short skits on Facebook. They posted some photos on their Facebook page imitating the posture of the president while on a recent visit to Kiambu county where Uhuru had gone to launch a lighting project.


All it takes to hack the Uhuru challenge is get a silk or a flowered shirt, bend your head a little as if entering a house. Oh! and also¬† additional peeps where one of them would be behind you with his eyes popped out like Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter and it’s done!

Check out some of the contenders

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