The selfie craze does not seem to be dying. People are going even crazier and weirder with the fad. Below are some of the craziest selfies around.

Up-side-down Selfie

I know we all like out photos unique, but isn’t this taking it too far?

Random butt Selfie

Many people use the bathroom mirrors for the selfies. This however happens in the comfort of home….NOT ANYMORE, so beware in public loos, someone may be taking a photo of your assets

Dungling Selfie


Corpse Selfie

Taking photos with family is always cool, this dude decided the corpse was a great occasion for a selfie

Friend shitting Selfie

Yo’all wonder why girls go to the loo in packs? Apparently no sense of privacy, check out their pal in the background

Fat, Clock, Shades selfie

Talk of Bling, and a sexy pose

Acrobatics Selfie

EXPERT LEVEL:Pro… How many of you can take a proper selfie with your toes?

Butt Selfie


Caught by Mum Selfie

If you don wanna get caught being a crazy person, ensure the door is closed behind you

Cat Head Selfie

Finally, we have this creative, took time to stuff themselves into the jacket and have his/her cat be the face.

How crazy can you get your selfies?