TearGas Monday might just trend again.


On Thursday,CORD warned that it would revive the protests after another parliamentary committee started hearings into the disbandment of  IEBC , despite the existence of a joint parliamentary committee mandated to lead talks on electoral reforms in the country.

“We demand the Hon Samuel Chepkonga led committee to suspend with immediate effect it’s deliberations or we will revert to streets protests until a genuine process is realized,” said acting ODM Secretary General Agnes Zani.


Samuel Chepkonga is the leader of the Parliamentary Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.

ODM claims that the move by Chepkonga to conduct the hearings is a sign of disrespect to the joint 14-member committee which was formed after the opposition piled pressure on the government to disband the current electoral body citing gross misconduct by the commissioners.

Will Kenya really be at peace till after the 2017 General Elections?