Team mafisi and Lions strike again !

Hakunanga aibu Kenya seems. Haha

The popular well known Bishop Kiuna posted a photo of his posing with his daughter .

It is the first time for him to post a photo of Njambi to the public .

Comments started flowing on the photo …

“Ooh my goodness I think I know y av been single for this long……the God of Jacob is about to ansa my prayers…. you have a very lovely beautiful and blessed daughter there Mr kiuna sir” 

That was just one of them !

“Leta handle chap chap, down in the DM”, wrote a thirsty nigga.

“She is beautiful..can you help me over tha phone please I have a problem,” begged another man.

Another man and many other mafisis commented begging Bishop Kiuna to give out her number so that they could “talk”

Mafisi eeeh .. Mafisi aaaah hahaha

Thirst levels are on another level I tell you ..

Mnataka maji? or sprite ?”

This is the photo: