Ebola scaremongering knows no bounds, first there were reports of the virus creating “zombies”, and now Akon has allegedly crowd-surfed in a bubble during a concert in Africa “to avoid contracting it”. The Source magazine’s website ran the headline “Akon Performed in a Bubble in Africa to Avoid Contracting Ebola”. The American minority owned magazine’s story was then reposted on several other websites, including some of Africa’s popular blogs.

Akon performs in a bubble in DR7What the websites did not report was that the five-time Grammy nominee has performed inside the stage prop on a number of previous occasions including in Perth, Australia, and Dubai, both in 2010. Neither of those countries was battling Ebola outbreaks at the time.

Akon performs in a bubble in DR1The concert in question was part of International Peace Day celebrations in Goma in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so it would have been pretty galling if Akon had honoured the occasion and its message of unity by sealing himself off from the crowd.

Akon performs in a bubble in DRSo before we get all hot under the collar, and start pointing out how many times he’s even stood up Kenyans for shows, or how he just comes to mess with our girls then leave, do remember that he has been known to this before. So, no, he wasn’t scared of Ebola. It’s just other ignorant people trying to push some propaganda abroad to undermine Africa’s efforts to stand on its own.

By Thomas Rajula