Hate her or love her, Akothee is living large. If wealth speaks, then Akothee’s shouts! The self-proclaimed ‘Madam Boss’ is not only an award winning musician but also a smart entrepreneur. However, making it to the top hasn’t been an easy task, as she has had to go through some challenges. And for any woman, sexual harassment is always in the picture.

Akothee took to her gram to narrate how she was sexually blackmailed by a workmate and when she did not give in, she was reported for missing in duty, demoted from being a receptionist to a toilet cleaner and since her pride could not allow she quit. Reason? She refused to cheat on her man with a workmate.

Mmm this day was a mess in my life I was working as a receptionist in one of the conference hotels in Nairobi, this day was the day Tony nyadundo was performing @ city cabanas , lol I could not miss , so I risked & joined the party, we had staff quaters at the hotel so when I came back I was locked out , with one of my secret admires, messing it up , one of the clients checked out in my absence & left my secret admirer the balance for accommodation, sema ku sweat , the guy now had me in his palm , I begged him to give me the money to hand over & not to share it with our boss who was also a church representative & I was a choir member , his answer was (then give me ) so I asked how can I give you yet am married ) he said then am going to report you ) ooh shit , he was so irritating that I could not even imagine cheating on my husband with him , to make the matter worse he went reported me & I was demoted from being a receptionist to cleaning the toilets 😂😂😂😂, my head was swollen for as long as I knew myself , & because of pride I decided to resign , my friend after 1 month I missed my job, I missed that 6000ksh I was earning every month but it was too late 😂😂😂 isorait if I have to cheat then I will go for someone who will replace you if need be , not someone below the person am dating 😂😂😂#principles #tbt2005 in 2016 I was looking for a properties in Nairobi only to land in the same hotel being on sale & given offer to purchase it 😷 #nevergiveup nilikuwa nimeparara kweli

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That was back in 2005, and in 2016 she was in the same hotel to purchase it after it was put on sale. Lesson? Stay faithful to your hubbies, get sacked, eleven years later go back to buy that damn place!