Let this be a lesson to all celebrities-your fans should always be a priority to you. Without them, you are nothing.

This is one lesson that singer Akothee needs to ‘bitterly’ learn.

Remember just last week, the singer insulted fans who gave their opinions about a rather distasteful outfit that she had worn for a show.


Akothee was not impressed when some of her fans compared her outfit to a swimming costume.

She did not take it kindly. So she decided to respond to her haters saying that only those suffering from an inferiority complex were complaining. Akothee basically told fans off even claiming some of them had not changed their underwear since the year 2014. Yoh! That was a low-blow.

So yeah, with the very fresh memory of insults in their minds, she now pleaded with the very same fans to vote for her in the upcoming AFRIMMAS.

Karma is nothing to be played with. Now Akothee got to learn the wrath of irate fans who keenly watch her every move. Most were saying nothing would make them vote for her and the only way for her to win is to buy votes.

Some had no chills whatsoever!

Let this be a lesson, we repeat! Stop giving your fans reasons to hate you, remember you need them at the end of the day!