Singer Akothee never does shy off when it comes to telling the world about her family. She was recently on the receiving end after boasting how her ex-hubbies finance the lives of the kids they had with her, hitting out at those ladies who were thronging chemists to purchase P2 a day after Valentine’s day.

In her latest emotional downpour that has sent tongues wagging, the “Benefactor” hitmaker has poured lots of praises on her ex-hubby who was also her first love. He was the father of her three daughters and just as they say, ‘First love never dies’.

I can't keep calm & it's your father's birth day , well, Help me wish the Lion who tamed down the Lioness with this 3 beautiful souls a happy birthday , 😂😂😂 this Jared man was my first boyfriend who confused the confusion in me since form 1 , I was in Nyabisawa for a girl & he was in Kanyawanga for a boy , but we met in church during camp meetings at kanga SDA Church , God blessed us with four kids 3 girls & 1 boy , unfortunately the boy passed away at 8 months halooo it's JAREDS BIRTHDAY , HELP ME WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKAMAGAMBO, WUOI SIRIKAL ,TEM ATEMA CHUO NYAGRE.I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN LIFE WITH YOUR FAMILY BOYFRIEND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN CHANGE, YOU ARE STILL THE FATHER OF MY CHILDREN , I know you don't drink Alcohol but I promise to take a glass of 🍷🍾 on your behalf madh chack e bill mara 🍼 @veshashaillan @fancy_makadia

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