Alaine is now in Nairobi for a mega concert dubbed Extravaganza. The show is organised by TruBlaq.

Extravaganza PosterNeedless to say, the place is crowded with everyone wanting to get a piece, or shot of the gorgeous lady.

Alaine in KenyaJamaican singer Alaine admits that she missed her Kenyan fans and the Kenyan delicacies. In a social media message to her fans, she said she misses chapatis and cannot wait to see her fans during her performance.Alaine in Nairobi

The beloved songstress wrote on her Instagram: “Kenya Hello Kenya, See you at The Cabanas Park on Saturday 6th September for The Extravaganza from 7pm. Come see my live performance. ‘Nawapenda Pia’. See you then. #seeyousoon #ilovechapatis #teamjukeboxx #jukeboxxarmy #tenofhearts #nakupendapia”.