Albinism is a genetic condition in which people lack colour pigmentation in their skin, hair and eyes. In many parts of Africa albinos have been segregated and even made to feel less human. In some East African countries albinos are hunted for their body parts which are believed to cure deadly diseases, a belief that has left many of them in fear for their lives.

However we are now celebrating the beautiful albinos.

Albinism Society of Kenya (ASK) organized the first Mr & Miss Albinism beauty pageant dubbed ‘Beauty Beyond the Skin’ to help alienate discrimination against people living with this condition.

The inaugural event was held at Carnivore Grounds in Nairobi on Friday, October 21 and it was graced prominent personalities including Deputy President William Ruto, Tourism Cabinet Secretary (CS) Phyllis Kandie, KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua among others.

Loise Lihanda was crowned the fairest beauty while Jairus Jzay won the Mr Albinism title.

This was truly a great stride in celebrating albinism. Congratulations to the winners and participants too.