Sauti Sol has done it again. They have proved, as many times before, that they are the musical giants that carry the Kenyan Music Industry on their backs. The rest of the artists are just loyal followers of their already set footpath. 

With  Midnight Train, the album that they released five days ago on 4th June 2020 amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Sauti Sol gives us what seems like a breath of fresh air. A moment to sit down, relax, and be entertained by their well-crafted 13-tracks that make up the album. 

Midnight Train starts, as most albums do, with a short intro, a snippet of the fantastic content in the rest of the album. 

Do what makes you happy, Do what makes you smile. Everyone is going to judge anyway. 

That is how we are ushered into the Midnight Train. I mean, how can you not love an album that starts with such lyrics? Not to mention the mastery of instruments to make such enticing beats? 

Later, Midnight Train, the song, comes next. A combination of bass, guitar, keyboard, and lyrics that enunciate the whole album. In it, Sauti Sol tells us of their journey aboard the midnight train in the most entertaining way. Of where they came from and where they are going. 

The song comes to a stop after three minutes and fifty-three seconds, and then we are taken on a different journey aboard the Midnight Train. A journey of Insecurities.

Insecure, the track that was released before the release of the album, digs deep into the issue that affects most Kenyans; their day-to-day insecurities. 

 Insecure is a well thought out and beautifully crafted song, and there is no denying that Sauti Sol has inspired many people with its message. 

 Feel My Love, a beautiful slow song, and my personal favorite comes next and takes us on a journey of lovers. 

It is by this time that the audience finally understands what Midnight Train is all about. It’s about telling of the journeys of different people, written and sang in amazing vocals with even more amazing instrumentals to create a unique African tune. 

Brighter Days follows Feel My Love, and its journey is filled with the hope of brighter days. 

Nenda Lote tells the journey of a husband shunned by the wife; Suzanna is all about the journey of Suzanna, a young woman who left her home in pursuit of a better life with sponsors abroad; Rhumba Japani is a modern Rhumba song that tells of the journeys of day to day hustlers; politicians, Toy Market Sellers, the Rich, the Drug users all craftily included in one song. 

The 13 track album then comes to a stop with Disco Matanga featuring Sho Madjozi. A song that saw Sauti Sol go global when it was featured on the Netflix series Queen Sono. 

By the end of it, the song and the album as a whole, you are filled with the urge to start the whole album from the beginning just to experience the magic again and again and again. And you should. Midnight Train is an album that deserves it. 

Listen to the Full Album here