So it is not only women who can be petty and seriously difficult. Diamond can be added to this list of petty messes. As Nairobi environs were busy witnessing the pomp and color that went down at JP launch, there was drama happening at ODM’s 10 year celebrations. We are talking about the after party celebrations.

We all know that Diamond and Ali Kiba are East African royalty when it comes to music, however there can only be one King. And it seems, Diamond has decided that he is the King of the EA music scene.


The ODM after party that was hosted by Hassan Joho had drama when Diamond felt belittled for his efforts. He must have thought he was going to be the star of the night. But Ali Kiba was slated to be the final act. This meant Diamond was basically curtain raising for Ali Kiba. Weh! Talk about Drama, Diamond was having none of that.

Joho is known to be a great fan of Ali Kiba, therefore he decided that the nagharamia singer will close the performances.


Diamond learnt Ali Kiba was to grace the stage just after he performed. Taking his pettiness to another level, he decided to extend his performance and invite fans on the stage, reducing Ali Kiba’s time on stage. That did not stop Ali Kiba from giving an electrifying performance.

Diamond, please keep in mind that there can be room for more than one superstar on one stage. It is never that serious

Source: Tuko