We’ll now have mermaid and vampire emojis! How weird is that lol. Google’s latest android operating system, Android 8 also known as ‘Oreo’, has a new set of emojis. Aside from that, the previous ones have also been improved to ensure there’s no major difference when they are viewed on iOS, iPhone’s operating system.

The aim of Google is to bring unity and diversity when it comes to these means of communication. Can you honestly send a message without an emoji? It would be like taking tea without 3 spoons of sugar. Fine, some of us take tea without sugar but emojis are life. Don’t even try to argue, you know it’s true.

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Google says it wants to help improve communication across platforms. The challenge is that some emojis appear very differently in other platforms. The new set and form of emojis will be a bit more uniform than the former ones.

They will also include fantasy and science fiction characters, e.g zombie emoji. Sounds a little creepy to me. What are you going to use a zombie emoji for? To scare your ex who cheated on you? Good idea. You can also use it during Halloween. That’s something Google has perhaps considered.

Among the new emojis included, is the UN Flag which was previously not there. There’s even a ‘Shhh’ face. If you want some peace and quiet in your inbox, just send that emoji to that guy who’s always bothering you. Yaay! No more crazy WhatsApp messages.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the new emojis to roll out. Just be a little patient. The new glorious spades of emojis will be coming your way.