Amazing stuff to get your bae

Christmas is here and everyone is up and down to get something for their love one . Its hectic to deciding what to get them and make a bold statement. What if you get him something that will not please him? This is one question that will go through your mind when doing the shopping list.

Not to worry we have a list of Five things you need to get your bae this festive season. Here we go.

Luxury-bling-holster-cover-chanel-diamond-leather-case-for-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4-N9100-White-Pink-l1 1. Phone Cover

We all cant live a minute without our phones, we are always on our phones. Picture this, every time he holds his phone, he sees you through the nice cover you got him. Make sure the cove is unique and preferably a designer.


in-defense-of-rolex-watches-1089300-TwoByOne2. A watch

Every dude loves watches. it is part of fashion. Watches makes you look cool. Get him a designer watch. An expensive one will do the magic. Check this, very minute he checks the time, he sees you. We could say its a sure way to remain top of his mind. plus dudes love showing off

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3. Pair of socks

A pair of socks to go with his converse, or timba. Almost every dude has a problem in maintaining his pair of socks. most of them have lost one if not all in mysterious circumstances. i don’t know how it happens but it does. How about getting him a pair of versace socks. That way he will always remember you and chances are, he wont lose them, and if he does, he will always feel the guilt of loosing a gift.


4. Boxers

when its comes to inner wear, dudes are not keen. most of them stuff that are not so pleasing. they will shop for nice shoes, nice pants, and nice everything but will forget, about this precious St**. get him a pair of boxers, and don’t buy him the cheap St**. get him a label. say Hilfiger, and the likes.


5. Cologne

Make him smell good always. Make him loose the fake products. get him a manly perfume/cologne. A Versace maybe. Promise you, he will always remember you when guys ask him what cologne he is wearing. Having a big brand like this, means he will keep the pack/container long after the perfume is finished. Dudes love showing off, give him something to brag about.


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