According to reports by Trace, celebrity couple Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly have called it quits. The relationship was sparked off by rumours a few months back with many of the opinion that Amber was trying to get back at former husband Wiz Khalifa, who is a friend of MGK. 



She revealed this in a podcast to Perez Hilton

Amber: “No we’re not dating anymore.I think it was just a mutual agreement. We’re still really good friends.”

She also revealed that reason of their breakup is that she can’t support MGK’s tour lifestyle: “ I can’t really support a man on tour anymore. I kind of did that already and I’m just not in a space where that’s really what I want to do. I just need to focus on my son and my business. I’m dating other people and just having a good time.”

Moreover, Amber said that she cannot date a normal guy: “It’s very difficult for me to date a normal guy,” the 31-year-old said. “I’ve tried it and they just don’t really fully understand my life. It becomes very difficult.”

It’s still unclear what she means by normal but well, she is Amber. Let’s wait and see who’s gonna be next in line after Kanye and Khalifa coz Amber, being her, can’t stay single for long.


Joe Black