The extremely talented due, who sing secular music but are born-again Christians, say their faith ensures they have boundaries.

Amos and Josh have been in the spotlight ever since they participated in Tusker Project Fame, have had massive hits such as Moto Moto and Nereah.

In a recent radio interview they opened up about the nature of their videos

“You will never, ever, see us kiss a girl in our videos because we have boundaries. It’s who we are and we can’t go out of our way to prove anything to anybody. We believe in our music and we leave it to people to make their own conclusions,” they said.

They add that singing gospel music is not out of question either.

“Music is a job like any other; you don’t have to be a Christian to work at a Christian bank. It’s a Kenyan perception that you cannot sing secular music and still be saved. Our music communicates positive social messages with a theme of love but our fans can still expect us to do gospel songs,” said the two.

The duo will drop their album Contrast towards the end of the year.