The song is called 695, new one from Amosh and Josh. The two talented singers have teamed up with all-boy group The Kansoul to rally for fairer cheaper dates. The song already has a humorous lyric video that has all the artistes as funny cartoons. It begins with Amosh and Josh discussing about ‘Kusota’, and an expensive date. Then one explains how mtaani boys chanuad him that a date should cost a maximum of KShs. 695; a hundred bob for airtime, two guaranas for 300 bob (at 150 bob each), Chips and quarter chicken at 195 then a hundred bob for fare. How much is that, 695. 695 also means 6 am, 9 am till 5 pm (695).

The song is done in a classic way that when the beat begins you think it’s some Mj thing, before mejja picks up with his comic delivery of witty lyrics. Listen to the track below;