So King Kaka said that Sauti Sol have not contributed anything positive to the local music industry. Sauti Sol, who are in Germany by the way, pulled down a poster they had uploaded on their official Gram about Kaka’s new release with Fena. Kaka went ahead again and called them petty, before adding another poster writing, “In the meantime @sautisol wako Germany Kama Uko huko Go and Support our Kenyan Artistes. Hahahahahahah”. The laughter, note the laughter at the end of the sentence. And then, that photo of Khali, Octo and Kaka.

Ati Sauti Sol waliweka Poster ya Run Ting halafu wakatoa. 😎

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It didn’t end there. Yesterday Sauti Sol posted a photo of Bien with the caption, “Your favourite rapper’s nightmare”, something that was arguably directed at King Kaka. However, they later edited the caption to just a microphone. In their twitter they have a post that reads, “You automatically become the enemy when they can’t contain your greatness anymore”.

Earlier today the group became the first musicians from Kenya to reach a million followers on IG. They posted their delight on IG but didn’t miss to take a swipe on King Kaka.