The ever controversial and bold radio host, Andrew Kibe has hit the internet once more after photos that told an entirely different side of him emerged. The former NRG radio morning show host has built a name for himself within the entertainment industry through his controversial comments on women and bold advise to men. Rising from his Facebook page to being a presenter to one of the most sought after radio stations in the country was no surprise to him as it was to Kenyans. However, its his hard work and determination on creating fresh and controversial content online that has elevated him through the ranks.

Kibe is known for being vulgar and chauvinistic towards women. Kibe tells it as it is, that’s what his fans say but what they don’t know is what inspired his character. He is a man who has undergone several transformations before becoming the Andrew Kibe we know. Sources indicate that back in 2012, Kibe was a life coach, a man of God and a very close friend of Burale.

This poster shows Andrew Kibe, the ‘life coach’ and ‘motivational speaker’ alongside Robert Burale having organized a seminar themed ‘Power of Self Image’ at Hill Park Hotel. The seminar covered topics ranging from Image, Etiquette, how to create an impression and boosting self Confidence.

In another picture, Burale and Kibe pose with other colleagues in what seems to be an after-bible study photoshoot. Its also accompanied by a picture of Kibe worshipping in church. Various individuals who have claimed to have known Kibe claim that he was a church minister then at his local church.


Digging further, in 2013, Kibe tried out politics seeking a parliamentary seat for Lang’ata. However, politics didn’t have a place for him and he lost.

What many wonder is, what happened to the Kibe of back then? What created the ‘Wassup Motherf***s’ attitude? Was it a woman? It still remains a mystery…