Capital FM’s Anita Nderu is undoubtedly one of the sweetest media personalities you will ever meet.

The young beauty has been in the limelight since her Teen Republik days. She has made a name for herself as a promising radio presenter and blogger.

You can be sure that team mafisi  is always on the prowl for Anita. However she has had it with the extremely vulgar and invasive inboxes and DMs some of her male fans have sent her in the past.

In a recent interview, Anita says

“My Facebook DM is where all the creepy people are. To be honest I stopped reading it like two years ago because people would tell you very unnecessary things.”

“I have gotten quite a number of d**k pics so what do you do? You just delete, spam,block and report…You report them because that is really creepy.”

C’mon dudes how creepy can you get? some things are just not cool, Stop it!