The cold season is encroaching…it is time to pull out your boots!! Ankle boots are a boot style that sits at or slightly above the ankle. Taller boots or cowboy boots are a bit more limiting in the outfits you can pair them with. Ankle boots however, are more liberating; you can wear ankle boots with dresses, skirts, pants, tights and shorts. The heights and styles of these boots vary. Like any other accessory, there is a right and wrong way to wear them. You need to pair them with the right lengths and colors when choosing your outfit.

[tab title=”Tom Boy”]

You don’t have to be girly to wear boots. There is an ankle boot style for everyone. Wedges and blocks go with any baggies you have around. Remember to have the boot complement your style, not take away from it. You can rock dungarees in wedge boots like Willow Smith here. Boots with block heels are comfortable to wear, and not oh so girlie. Remember not to have too much fabric around your ankles. This combination seems to chop inches off your height while adding bulk to your legs.[/tab]

[tab title=”Play With Color”]

Fashion is all about making bold statements. You can wear dull colors and pair them up with a brightly colored ankle boot. Remember however, this color must not be too far from your color palette. If in hues of black, any bright color will do, but if in dull shades of blue for instance, go with a bright blue boot. Do not color contrast. This will take away from both the boot and your outfit.[/tab]

[tab title=”Know Your Boots”]

Ankle boots are a little tricky. They rock well with certain pants, such as skinny jeans, jeggings and leggings. Do not force your pants into the boots. They will end up looking bunched up and this will take away from your whole look. Wide-legged pants tucked into short boots create a very unflattering balloon effect. You want to create the illusion of a stream lined body; the boot should match up to this. The only pants that work well tucked into ankle boots are very tight ones.[/tab]

[tab title=”Fold Long Jeans”]

If you know the pants will bunch up, you can fold them a little bit. Showing a bit of skin is always sexy. Don’t overdo it though. Just fold up your jeans till where the boot begins. This is a great casual look.[/tab]

[tab title=”Watch Your Hem Lines”]

Although this affects the taller boots more. It is key to watch where your dresses and skirts reach. The beauty of ankle boots, they can be worn with both minis and shin-length dresses. However, remember to match your outfit with the right style of boots. Shorter dresses are always accentuated with stilettoes, while longer ones do better in wedges or block heels. Flats are not too awesome here.[/tab]

[tab title=”Show A Bit Of Skin”]

Teasing with the skin, is always sexy. Remember it is not more than a little peak. Do not over-do it. Done right, this look is classy as well as sexy.[/tab]

[tab title=”Rock Knee Length Socks”]

Ankle boots allow for a lot of play. You can rock your ankle boots with knee length socks. This can be worn with your extra mini dress or skirt. Note that the socks also act as an accessory and have to be worn carefully. They have to fuse well with your color scheme and not totally take away from your look. This look is chilled out and can be worn on a day out with the girls.[/tab]

[tab title=”Match Your Boots To Your Look”]

There are a gazillion looks and fashion, and although many can be worn in the same kind of shoe, you gotta be ubber careful. Ensure that your boots are in-sync with your whole look. If in a rocker outfit, like Chelsea Healey here, you can have leather boots with spikes, if you are going for an interview you can wear this read blazer to match the suede red boots (top and bottom rule).