Anthony Davis to Lakers! Is this the biggest trade the NBA is going to witness this transfer season? With the NBA teams gearing up for next season, teams are breaking their banks to arm themselves for the battle set for next season. One of the teams that faced criticism last season for missing the Playoffs despite having the best player in the league seems not ready for a repeat of the same. The Lakers are looking at building what would be termed as a super team in LA. These guys aren’t joking! They want to clinch the championship way even before the season starts!

Anthony Davis

ESPN announced over the weekend that Anthony Davis had been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. The player was all smiles today when he met the press, expressing his excitement about the move. He is just about to be the face of what is set to be the super team of next season lining up alongside Lebron James. “I really feel great about the future of Anthony Davis!” Exclaimed the excited athlete.

Lebron James having a chat with Anthony Davis at a past NBA event

Lebron James could not hold his excitement immediately the news broke. He took to his Instagram page to announce that more is to come with a tweet, “its just the beginning”. Rumors have it that Kyrie Irving who will be leaving the Celtics is interested in playing with Anthony Davis. Could he be the next super signing for the Lakers? As they look forward to building a super team, rumors also have it that they are pursuing the two time NBA finals MVP, Kawhi Leornard.


However the NBA wont be the same next season with some key stars set to miss the better part of next season. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson have been confirmed to miss a greater part of next season due to injuries. But still the Warriors are confident of keeping the duo. The only question is, how sustainable will the two stars be next season with the huge paycheques and no play time?