I want to make you feel beautiful

I can barely imagine fathering a daughter,

Let alone raise her,

In a society bound to downgrade her,

Because being feminine doesn’t work in her favour,

And a more appealing option comes in form of a razor,


We ignore it but the truth never fades,

Excuses are longer than most of their braids,

But no denying that their plight has extended its stay


We rebuke when they’re suicidal but forget to take the blame,

For having self-gratification as our one and only aim


There’s really not much to expect,

When we insinuate the notion of a woman perfect,

In all her ways,

Beauty like rays of the sun for days,

Body worth daze with curves that blaze,

And the lie that only she is worth a chase


Before preaching self-love we must preach change,

Lest we raise insecure girls with the label ‘strange’


We must change our ways, change our views,

Patterns that have bordered on abuse

Believe that SHE is beautiful,

Her being must not be crushed on crucibles,

Which are molded by our desires,

And make us forget that She is on fire.

Alicia said it better,

But then again,

This is but a letter.


And though we are but men,

We are but humane.

Appreciate the daughters before whiskey does the same

And, lest we forget, good ol’ Mary Jane.

(Insert I want to make you feel beautiful